Walk at home - Julien Granel

September the 11th, 2023

We meet on an afternoon at Julien's in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The weather is good, we have prepared a simple outfit for him, without too many colors, which strangely suits him very well. We've known each other for over 5 years, when he did his first concerts in front of less than 100 people he always wore his pair of socks and his white Walk t-shirt with the purple and green oval logo. A classic of the brand. Since then the number of people at his concerts has increased, and so has the number of colors on his outfits. But our relationship remains unchanged.

  • ''This synthesizer is a Juno 60. When I was little, I played classical piano at the conservatory, and the day I discovered a synth, I realized that with it, I could do all the sounds. For me, it’s access to freedom, total creativity. It’s an analog synthesizer from the 80s, it has a very organic, imperfect sound and that’s why I love it. My favorite button is the “Chorus” button, it brings a magical stereo, I think I bought it just for this button. It's the synth of funk."


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