• The meeting between Paraboot and Walk in Paris naturally took place in 2018. All our lookbooks are then accompanied by the famous “Michael” which sits on the feet of our walkers. We have always loved contrasting our looks, loafers with a jogging set, a suit with sneakers...

    Later, we will start to mention the idea of ​​a collaboration, this association seems obvious. Walk in Paris has always taken its collections on a journey through the ages. What a dream to be able to team up with a century-old shoemaker to release the very first pair of Walk in Paris shoes.

    We choose to work around this design because it evokes freedom, dreams and adventure. It is inspired by a pair used by climbers before tackling the summits. During this preparatory phase, the walker/adventurer has plenty of time to question himself, to dream, to suffer, to marvel... He is preparing to brave the unknown, his walk is then philosophical. It is this aspect of walking that walkers like to experience.

    Today, this pair is at the crossroads between strolls in the Parisian streets, escape to Auvergne, intense fashion week and trek of a few days in the Alps. This is exactly what Walk in Paris represents. The personification of a human being in search of the ideal.