Having grown up in the 90s, Lacoste has always had a way of making me dream. The first time I saw one, I was in the playground. A tall guy was wearing a white tracksuit. How much is it? 400 francs for the top and 400 for the bottom. Later, I spotted a red polo shirt in my father's closet.

Lacoste unites social classes and generations under the same logo. That's what we've been trying to do since the creation of Walk in Paris. Recovering an 80s jacket from a thrift shop, adapting the cut and materials, shooting a suit on a dancer in the city, or a tracksuit on my grandfather in the country.

This is the first clothing line in collaboration with another brand in the history of Walk in Paris. For all these reasons, it's full of meaning. It's at the crossroads of sportswear, chic, the '70s and the art scene around us.