Walk at home - Enfant Précoce

May the 19th, 2023

In 2016 for the “Original Walkeur” collection we shot our first lookbook, photographer Robin Lempire was in charge, he also did the casting that day. He told us that he found a guy who would fit really well with the brand, a painter: “Enfant Précoce”.

Francis arrived late, we learned later that he was lazy and that he was on the verge of stooding us up. Since this first shoot, he has been our muse and above all, our friend.

He has now been a part of the brand for 7 years, being present in all our images.

  • My best partner, We met, at my birthday party, Iuliia intended to shoot picture of me and make a documentary about me, I had been painting for 6 years. After that, we didn’t stop collaborating together on different projects. We also had the opportunity to work together on a Walk event (the first walk fest at the Bataclan). Being a couple of artists, one is a photographer, designer and the other a painter and dancer. Living together is one of our major career plans, we dream of offering the best family life to Gaïa, our daughter.

Walk in Paris x Enfant Précoce

Enfant Précoce, face of the brand since 2016

Details of Enfant Précoce and Iulia's outfits