Walk at home - Maxence

May the 17th, 2023

We've been hanging out with Maxence for several years. I remember seeing his name appear in the orders of our E-shop in 2017. I already knew him as a YouTuber and I was flattered to see him buy Walk. Subsequently, we became friends. We arrived at his house, a studio in the center of Paris. His walls are filled with framed Canvases, I think he has a hundred of them. He has his favorites, those he has an anecdote about and those that are under the bed for lack of space.

  • This canvas entitled “Au coin du feu” (Beside the fireplace) was the first in my collection. It therefore has a special, sentimental value. For the record, I found it at the flea market which is held regularly on Avenue Voltaire in Paris, a few meters away from the very first Walk In Paris office. Small word ! (end of the anecdote, I couldn't find a better conclusion). Recently, an immensely talented friend (Lucas Pastor) painted me a picture that idealizes my absolute dream. He depicted me in front of a magnificent cottage in the forest, playing ball with a giant labrador. Enough to nourish my inspiration even more. Enough to throw myself into my wildest dreams to one day make this one come true! Seeing it exposed, I was struck by the fact that I find myself very much in the animal that is the labrador. And seeing them there, both of them, serene, by the fire, it evoked comfort and calm for me. I pulled out my most beautiful €10 bill (something like that) and I bought it, telling myself that it would be my little totem that would accompany me in my periods of creation, hanging in front of me in all my music studios. I remember staring at him for many minutes when inspiration didn't come at all. And then one day I moved to a bigger apartment and coming across some other wonderful embroidered finds, I started to expand the family of these old canvases that now adorn my walls (now I should enlarges the walls.). The pacified labradors were joined by the puny cat, Johnny Hallyday, a failed sketch by Michel Platini, many old peasants, spangled horses, Jesus Christ, and other wonders from another time. Besides, embroidery canvases were an activity like any other at the time when League Of Legends did not exist. It is not uncommon to come across the same models several times at flea markets or on second-hand sites. But I never saw those two Labradors again. I like to think that they are unique and only by my side.

Artistic direction by Charlotte & Juliette Castay

''Poids lourd''

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